Transmission of knowledge

The search for new drugs whose action is more and more specifically targeted. A relationship with the doctor which is both highly professional and enduring.
The dissemination of knowledge.
These are elements which constitute for Guidotti a real “Mission” which the company is carrying forward in its therapeutic areas. This field in which Guidotti has, for some time now, been at the forefront in Italy thanks to a highly qualified workforce, a modern and flexible organization and the guest for excellence. Characteristics these, which have become a tradition for Guidotti, whose dedication to the medical sphere translates into a wide range of initiatives which are not only aimed at the development of new drugs but which also come within the scope of a broader cultural project.
A project, or rather a “Mission”, which encompasses services designed to make the everyday activity of the doctor easier: publications, conferences, courses. A way of enhancing the education and awareness of the general practitioner and the specialist alike, and a way of keeping very closely in touch with the medical profession. This is also a main objective for our network of sales executives, whose high level of preparation is a Guidotti hallmark, but should not lead us to forget the other important aspect, the patients. For them, the company has developed educational campaigns designed to increase their knowledge of the various pathologies, but above all to spread a greater culture of prevention.

The keys to success
There are various aspect of the company which make Guidotti a point of reference on the Italian pharmaceutical stage. But the real strongpoint is its quest for excellence, which constitutes the principal element of company philosophy. A high degree of professionalism which has also enabled the Guidotti brand to make its mark. Thanks to the optimization of human resources and thanks also to the great attention dedicated to the medical profession. The relationship whit the doctor is the focal point of the activities of Guidotti, which can count on a team of highly skilled, universityeducated sales executives.

Costant training
The company is also highly involved in the training of its sales executives for whom preparation and follow up courses on most important arguments, are periodically organized. The great quality research and the high professionalism of its own sales executives are one of the key for Guidotti success.

Serving the doctor - Privacy

An outstanding history. A successful present. A promising future. This is Guidotti, a company whose desire to constitute a permanent point of reference for the doctor is one of the distinguishing features of its commitment.

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Drug quality comes first
Menarini Research: high-level research

Among the Menarini Ricerche S.p.a., the commitment in study and Develop has increased with time. Today Menarini Ricerche S.p.a. includes, among its pharmacological researchers, people of high knowledge of the national and worldwide areas.

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